Big Day Out 2008: let’s get this rumour started right

(How right did we get it? See the BDO 2008 line-up here )

The FasterLouder team have their ears to the ground, tuned in for the hottest rumours about the Big Day Out 2008 line-up. So far we’ve heard that Chemical Brothers are the hot tip. After a blistering performance at Glasto, I’m celebrating about that!

A hot mix of new material and classics combined with visuals that blow even their brilliant previous work out of the water; those of you who are rolling your eyes and thinking –  “not them again???’ really should give the Chems another look. I have not seen them in such good form for years.

Odds: 2-1

Thankfully no one’s whispering that Basement Jaxx are heading to BDO. Their Roskilde set relied heavily on big black diva after big black diva being wheeled out on stage. The Jaxx were looking tired and the new material pales into insignificance compared with their past hits.

Odds: 200-1

Queens of the Stone Age have been hard at work in European festival season. They are sounding darker, tougher and more twisted than ever. With some gorgeous staging that has been following them from France to Denmark and on to the US; could they be set for a triumphant return to Australia next January? They’re yet to set foot here with all their new material...

Odds: 10-1

And if my sources are correct, they could be joined by Foo Fighters in one almighty double header. A new album due in September, combined with Dave Grohl’s well-known fondness for an Aussie summer make the Foo Fighters’ BDO comeback a distinct possibility

Odds: 10-1

Our mates at set tongues a-wagging when they fingered Smashing Pumpkins as a main stage contender a fortnight ago. It makes sense... they have been touring extensively across the US and Europe and a return to the BDO would fill 90s-indie-lovin’ fans hearts with joy. Could inthemix have had the jump on us with this one? Surely not!

Odds: 20-1

If you like being sledged by the bands you love almost as much as listening to their music, picket BDO to add Brian Jonestown Massacre to the line-up. Their Roskilde set was 80% insult, 20% music. An outstanding ratio, wouldn’t you agree? A BJM set might ignite the passions of flagbearers in more ways than one. It would undoubtedly be a spectacle, but it’s a long shot.

Odds: 50-1

Back on the electronic tip, UNKLE and Carl Cox are being widely touted as Boiler Room fodder. Coxy is no stranger to BDO action, and being a virtual Aussie resident these days, he won’t even have the pain of a long haul flight to keep us entertained.

Odds: 4-1 and shortening by the day

After a gruelling festival schedule this northern summer, followed by a demanding set of dates across the US, Bonde Do Role might just fall in a heap. But if they don’t, fans of the energetic, party-loving Brazilians might just get their itch scratched at next year’s BDO. Fingers crossed

Odds: 20-1

Squarely on the Libby wishlist, Pendulum live would be a brilliant addition to BDO next year. Their metal roots have never been so close to the surface than during their triumphant Glastonbury set. The Perth-boys-made-good would serve up one hell of a homecoming after achieving major success internationally.

Odds: 25-1

Lovers of spangly jumpsuits unite. CSS showed their mettle supporting giants like Daft Punk recently, and having won over even more Aussie fans at their tiny Bar Broadway gig in Sydney and Falls Festival at the start of the year, surely they’re due for a return visit soon. Warning: their cover of L7’s –  “Pretend We’re Dead’ had me singing for days. It will happen to you too

Odds: 20-1

OK, so there’s some likely contenders there alongside a slightly indulgent wishlist. Care to second any of these talents? Or perhaps start a whole new set of rumours right here in the forums.