Best videos of 2011

Who said the art of music video making was dead? In 2011 we have been entertained and disturbed by sock puppets, clowns, Jack Black and Grandmas making out with Jake Stone. Here are 20 of FL’s favourite music videos of the year.

Children Collide – Loveless

Directed by Animal Kingdom’s David Michí´d this clip reawakened our childhood fear of clowns hiding in drains. And somehow The Doctor’s pastiche was even creepier.

Bluejuice – Act Your Age

That said, clown phobias have nothing on the mental damage caused by watching your Grandma make out with Jake Stone from Bluejuice.

Art vs Science – A.I.M. FIRE!

Robots, sock puppets Donny Benet playing base – like an 80s acid trip this clip has everything you could possibly want from a SPOD directed video.

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

We can’t quite pin-point what makes this film clip so very awesome. But here’s hoping when The Black Keys finally reach our shores their audiences break into synchronized twists when the band perform Lonely Boy live.

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