Best albums of 2013 … so far

Yesterday, we counted down the top 30 singles of 2013 so far. Today, it’s time for the year’s best albums. And, no, Random Access Memories wasn’t the only record released this year. While last year was all about the newcomers, 2013 has seen a wave of older artists re-staking their claim – from vital returns from Nick Cave and Queens Of The Stone Age to David Bowie’s extraordinary comeback after a decade-long absence. And who could forget My Bloody Valentine trolling everyone with their follow-up to 1991’s Loveless? (Perhaps The Avalanches might follow suit in the second half of the year?)

The list below is a bit less definitive than our end-of-year poll, so don’t hold us to it if some of these albums are relegated to the back of the pack by December. And they more than likely will if the next six months are as good as the last.

40. Owl Eyes – Nightswim

What we said: “”Nightswim may not be the daring sonic experiment that Owl Eyes wanted, but there’s enough vision and depth to make even the missteps appear enticing.””:—Nightswim

39. Bombino – Nomad

38. Jim James – Regions of Light and Sound of God

What we said: “”Regions of Light and Sound of God is the sound of James looking inward, reveling in self-reflection and discovery, and letting us know what he’s found.””:—Regions-of-Light-and-Sound-of-God


36. Hungry Kids Of Hungary – You’re A Shadow

What we said: “”Coming in under 40 minutes, the record is a smooth ride, the melodies snappy and the warm vocals swathed in reverb.””:—Youre-A-Shadow

35. Toro Y Moi – Anything In Return

What we said: “”On Anything In Return, Toro Y Moi adjusts his focus inwardly, focusing on family, responsibility and adaptation to an often unforgiving outside world.””:—Anything-In-Return

34. Underground Lovers – Weekend

What we said: “”Weekend is something else altogether: a document of the here and now, of a thriving third act from one of Australia’s most interesting and charming acts.””:

33. Beaches – She Beats

32. Paramore – Paramore

What we said: “”Under the fiery willpower, Paramore’s guts are still intact, and they deliver post-emo pop metal with a verve that’s unmatched.””:—Paramore

31. Ooga Boogas – Ooga Boogas

What we said: “”An intoxicating blend of strangely alluring, disparate musical ideas.””:—Ooga-Boogas


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