Beck’s “Song Reader” gets an Aussie release

Beck’s “Song Reader” will finally get a “real” release thanks to a stack of Australia artists, including Josh Pyke, Richard In Your Mind and Caitlin Park among others.

When the singer released Beck Hanson’s Song Book last year – an album of sheet music that included over 20 songs and more than 100 pages of art – the singer invited fans and musicians to interpret, rearrange and reinvent each track as they felt fit. A handful of Sydney artists took up this challenge in December, performing the songs at a concert to raise funds for Sydney Story Factory, a not-for-profit young writer’s centre in Redfern.

With the help of musical director Brian Campeau and team of dedicated volunteers, the sold-out gig raised over $13,000 for the charity. To continue this good work Kobalt Label Services, AWAL and FBi Radio are releasing a collection of studio recordings taken from the rehearsal and collaboration sessions preceding the Song Reader show. The album includes Jonathan Boulet’s interpretation of `I’m Down’ which you can hear below.

The fundraiser and consequent album release even has the tick of approval from Beck himself, who during his Harvest tour last year met up with Brian Campeau to sign some Song Reader books for the event.

Song Reader – Sydney Sessions is released in Australia on July 5, with funds going towards the Sydney Story Factory.

Song Reader – Sydney Sessions tracklist:

1. Katie Wighton – ‘Mutilation Rag’

2. Caitlin Park – ‘Eyes That Say “I Love You”’

3. Aidan Roberts & Caitlin Park – ‘Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard’

4. Jonathan Boulet – `I’m Down`

5. Aidan Roberts – ‘Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings’

6. Melodie Nelson – ‘Title Of This Song’

7. Richard In Your Mind – `Old Shanghai`

8. Brian Campeau – ‘Heaven’s Ladder’

9. Elana Stone – `Please Leave a Light On When You Go

10. Josh Pyke & Elana Stone – ‘The Wolf Is On the Hill’

11. Josh Pyke – ‘Just Noise’

12. Katie Wighton & Brian Campeau – ‘The Last Polka’