Backstage at Big Day Out

While yesterday’s Sydney Big Day Out saw some huge performances from bands braving it out in the heat, there were some equally fascinating performances taking place backstage in the FasterLouder BDO Photo Studio.

Despite some seriously scorching weather, dozens of Big Day Out bands came to have some fun in the FL photo studio which was appropriately themed as the ‘Traveling Sideshow.’ With the very talented music photographer Daniel Boud behind the lens we captured the likes of Children Collide, Andrew WK, Rammstein, Lupe Fiasco, CSS, Grinderman and more clowning around in full festival mode.

Some of the days highlights included Birds Of Tokyo getting a little bit S&M with our ringmasters whip; the manic girls from CSS using every prop they could get their hands on then doing the splits while drinking beer; Bloody Beetroots revealing their faces post-shoot; Andrew WK bringing the party with scissor kicks and much hair-whipping; and lastly being given permission to go into Rammstein’s dressing room to photograph the band just before they went onstage ( I don’t think the FL crew has ever been so scared).

All the photos will be published on FL on Monday morning in an exclusive gallery curated by Daniel Boud. To tied you over until then we have includes a few sneak peek photos for you to have a look at.