“Authentic” Michael Hutchence biopic nears production

Hate the INXS mini-series but still think the band’s story would make for a great movie? Well then you’ll only have to wait until 2016 for Richard Lowenstein’s Michael Hutchence biopic.

Lowenstein – who directed Michael Hutchence in 1986’s Dogs In Space and many INXS clips including ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, ‘New Sensation’, and ‘Suicide Blonde’ – is due to begin casting for his version of the story this year. “We’ve finished the script and everyone seems to love it,” he told Time Out. “There was a core group of people who all participated, to try and capture what could foreseeably be the most authentic, real voice of what he was like when the TV cameras weren’t on him. It’s a personal and intimate film, made from the stories of people who were extremely close to him. There’s an element of Michael’s life that he would ever tell anyone but his closest friends.”

According to Lowenstein, the research process has been “illuminating” as Hutchence’s friends and colleagues have been more willing to talk to a filmmaker than to give quotes for a book. “You get the raw stuff,” Lowenstein says. “Even just ringing up ex-girlfriends in Perth and everywhere, asking for the most outrageous stuff that went on to give you key ideas, they’ll tell you if there isn’t a camera on, and then if even it doesn’t make it in, it flavours the character that you’re writing about.”

The bio-pic is backed by some “very well known Canadian producers” and will be shot in Canada Australia, and a few other locations. It will go into production after Lowenstein completes work on his current project, a documentary on his late friend Troy Davies, an artist and musician who was one of the world’s longest surviving AIDS cases.