Australian supergroups play Sydney

A concert in Sydney on Wednesday will feature three bands you’ve probably never heard of, made up of some musicians you probably have.

First off there’s Life, a band consisting of Sophia Brous (who performs as Brous), Brian Chase (drummer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Shags Chamberlain (of The Smallgoods, Lost Animal, Triforce and others) and Kirin J Callinan (of professionally being Kirin J Callinan).

Then there’s DCM, a duo made up of Chris Ross (from Wolfmother) and Daniel Stricker (from Midnight Juggernauts and Fashion Launches Rocket Launches).

Finally there’s Pineapple Head, which consists of Sasha Carlson (of Splashh, Brain Slaves and Coshercot Honeys), Elliot Serjeant (also of Brain Slaves and Coshercot Honeys), Tom Crandles (Colours, Ghostwood and Jack Ladder’s backing band) and Julian Sudek (Mercy Arms and Fashion Launches Rocket Launches once more).

The connecting thread between these three ‘supergroups’ seems to be Kirin J Callinan, who will be performing on the night as part of Life. The prolific guitarist has been a member of Lost Animal and Triforce (with Shags Chamberlain), was briefly a member of Lost Valentinos (as was Daniel Stricker), has played with Jack Ladder (as has Tom Crandles) and is a member of Fashion Launches Rocket Launches (with Julian Sudek and Daniel Stricker again). He could only be more connected to the rest of them if he showed up as a guest on the next Yeah Yeah Yeahs album and, frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

The three bands play an organised-at-the-last-minute show at Club 77 on Wednesday night, for an entry fee of $10. According to Brous on Facebook, “the show will also be a live recording”.

Life, DCM and Pineapple Head concert:

Wednesday, January 23 – Club 77, Sydney