At The Drive-In reunion show set-list and report

Splendour In The Grass hopefuls At The Drive-In played their first show together in over eleven years to a small crowd of 400 loyal fans in Texas last night.

The band opened with Arc Arsenal and went on to play a fourteen song set which spanned much of their back-catalogue. Reporting from the gig in Texas FL Forumer Alfonzo said: “The opening salvo was magnificent; you can imagine nobody has seen them play for so long, then when they came out, everyone lost it.”

While set highlights included Enfilade and One Armed Scissor, Alfonzo did note ”[You] can’t help but wonder if Omar really wants to do this. [He][ Played all his parts, but he barely moved the entire night … he couldn’t have looked more disinterested. Cedric seemed a little more restrained, but he still had heaps of energy and his singing/screaming were generally top notch. Jim Ward seemed to be having a blast [and while] a few crowd surfers were told off by Jim, the band didn’t seem too bothered by the crowd antics.”

The last time all original members – Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Jim Ward, Omar Rodríguez-López, Paul Hinojos and Tony Hajja – performed together in Australia was at Big Day Out 2001, when the band controversially stormed off stage in protest of the crowd’s behaviour after declaring: “You’re a robot, you’re a sheep!”

When speaking with FL about At The Drive-In reunion rumours last year, Jim Ward said: “I started At the Drive-In in a park when I was 17 years old and I couldn’t be prouder. I came from a town where people don’t come from musically, I didn’t come from LA, I didn’t come from a big city. We fought tooth and nail to get where we went, I’ll never be embarrassed by that.”

Check out this footage of the reunion show last night:

The reunion show set-list: