Astbury on Vedder, Grohl: ‘fake’

Cult frontman Ian Astbury has attacked Eddie Vedder, Perry Farrell, Trent Reznor, Scott Weiland and Dave Grohl for lacking the integrity to front The Doors of the 21st Century.

Yes, that’s right because they didn’t take the place of Jim Morrison in the integrity draining circus that was The Doors of the 21st Century the biggest names in American music have been slammed for lacking “integrity, dignity and experience”.

Astbury told the Herald Sun that he “got a scholarship to the best university in the world and there was room for one student. Once all the detractors had thrown their little pebbles – ‘Oh, Astbury in The Doors. That sucks. It’s going to be shit. Who does he think he is?’ All I saw was everybody who ever fantasised about singing in The Doors become incredibly envious… there was an incredible amount of venom and jealousy.”

But the thing that seems to have really angered Astbury is that he role of Morrison 2.0 wasn’t taken up by an American singer – “There wasn’t a single American singer who stepped up to the plate and said: ‘I want to do this. I’m an American artist I demand to this.’ Not Eddie Vedder, no Dave Grohl, no Trent Reznor, no Perry Farrell. Not one of them stepped up and fought for it. No Scott Weiland.”

“So, the next time people are handing out awards and lauding over Perry and Eddie’s wonderful contributions to music, really have a look at their contribution. Integrity, dignity and experience? Some kind of fake emotionality?”

Astbury doesn’t like Grohl, Reznor or Farrell – but check out what he does like.