We asked a bunch of Mountain Sounds acts to gift each other records

Mountain Sounds festival is returning to the Central Coast this weekend, bringing the likes of RUFUS, Ngaiire, DMAs, Dune Rats and Hermitude along for the ride. It’s arguably the biggest year yet for the boutique festival, which burst onto the scene back in 2015.

To get you prepped for the weekend ahead, we decided to hit up some of our favourite acts on the lineup for a favour. We asked them to dig deep into their record crates and come up with an album they’d gift to a fellow act on the lineup – and explain why they picked it out. As expected, the results are about as eclectic as the bands themselves. Check out all the details for Mountain Sounds here.


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Record: Todd Terje –  It’s The Arps EP 

Gifted to: Poolclvb 

“We’re gifting this fine piece of music to our good friend, labelmate and house music legend, Poolclvb. Poolclvb has been spinning house music jams since way back when – the guy is a dance floor genius and never fails to get our feet moving, just like this cut by Todd Terje. This vinyl encapsulates everything about summer, with full groove incoming from the seven minute rinser, ‘Inspector Norse’.”


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Record: Jordan Rakei – Cloak

Gifted to: RÜFÜS

“A record I really dig is Cloak by Jordan Rakei. A friend recommended it to me and having never heard it, I didn’t know what to expect. Let’s just say this puppy was on high rotation for much of last year. Jordan’s voice is so delicate and silky but also packs a punch when he flexes. The band is smoking and there are plenty of instrumental sections where they have time to shine. I particularly remember driving from Gainsville to Orlando at 3am after a show and listening to this record. It was the perfect soundtrack to that surreal moment.

“I want to gift this record to the RÜFÜS boys. We had the pleasure of touring through the US with those legends back in 2014 and I know they are constantly on the road so it’s always good to find new tunes to listen to. I think they’ll dig the live element being a band themselves, and Tyrone [Lindqvist, singer] will appreciate Jordan’s voice even though their styles are quite different.”


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Record: Hanne Hukkelberg – Reykestrasse 68

Gifted to: Bec Sandridge 

“One of the records that made me very confused about what genre I wanted to stick to was an album called Reykestrasse 68 by Norwegian artist Hanne Hukkelberg. I first discovered Hanne when her track ‘The Northwind’ appeared on a movie my uncle had directed. Her ingenuity to make albums using found objects always inspired me.

“I think I’d give that album to Bec Sandridge as I’d love to hear her sing a track on the album called ‘Break My Body’. Initially a song by The Pixies, Hanne’s arrangement sounds like it got made by beautiful dying elves in Middle Earth.”


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Record: Limp: Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavoured Water

Gifted to: Dune Rats 

“This album always reminds me of being 12, going up to Coffs Harbour to go surfing in the summer holidays. I just liked the line, ‘If I say fuck two more times/That’s 46 fucks in this fucked up rhyme.’ I would gift this to the Dunies, so I could borrow it while we are on tour together.”


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Record: Kitchen People – Trendoid

Gifted to: The Gooch Palms 

“We’re giving Gooch Palms the new Kitchen People record called Trendoid. The sound of Trendoid and The Gooch Palms are pretty similar. They make damn catchy pop songs, but disguise them by speeding them up to a frenzied pace and scuzzing them out into a punk dream. Kitchen People have always been Perth favourites of ours, and the new songs with more synth parts make them even better – they add a real sonic buzz. Both bands are incredible live too, so much thrashing and bobbing. Hope you like the record, Gooch Palms!”


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Record: Mitski – Puberty 2

Gifted to: DMAs

“I’d gift DMAs with Mitski’s album Puberty 2. I’ve only just discovered Mitski and since that discovery I’ve ventured through her back catalogue of four albums and loved every single one. In particular ‘Your Best American Girl’ is huge. I think the guys might really like that song, maybe. x”


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Record: The Chemical Brothers – Exit Planet Dust

Gifted to: RÜFÜS

“Label homies and good pals RÜFÜS have introduced me to so many amazing artists over the years – most recently Bob Moses, who I’m now addicted to. As a show of gratitude, it’s only natural that I bless the boys with the album that got ignited my love for electronic music: Exit Planet Dust by The Chemical Brothers. The 10 year-old inner b-boy in me froths on this album, which in its day spawned a new style of electro-funk. Enjoy ma dudes! <3″

Mountains Sounds Festival is happening this weekend at Mount Penang Parklands, Kariong NSW. For more details, head here