Are The Stone Roses Australia bound in 2013?

A week after making their return in front of 240,000 fans in Manchester there’s growing speculation that we will get to see The Stone Roses in Australia early next year.

The legendary band’s first major show in 16 years was glowingly reviewed with Stereogum declaring that “the extended versions of Fools Gold and the hotly anticipated climax of I Am Resurrection… were undeniable highlights and proved that the years of incommunicado hadn’t eroded the rhythmic connection that made the Stone Roses the legends they once were and, on the strength of Saturday’s show, seem to be becoming all over again.”

“As you see, we’ve still got it,” the band’s singer Ian Brown told the massive crowd and The Guardian was happy to agree noting that “Whatever “it” is – something intangible that turns the natural order of a live show on its head – the Stone Roses are definitely in possession.”

The Stone Roses haven’t toured Australia since way back in 1995, but when the band announced the reunion shows last October they promised that they had planned an “extensive” world tour and according to several whispers it appears that that tour will reach us in March next year. This week concert clairvoyant Nui Te Koha suggested that the band is “likely” for Future Music festival echoing similar comments made by Big Day Out promoter Ken West earlier in the year who claimed that the Roses had been “earmarked for Future Music 2013” and Soundwave/Harvest boss AJ Maddah who has claimed on Twitter that they have been booked “by another festival”.

Future Music seems happy to play along with the rumours posting a story on their official website about the triumphant return of the “heroes of the baggy era”.

So will The Stone Roses be spreading the love in Australia next year or is this rumoured second coming just fools gold?