Are Tame Impala on the verge of something huge?

Gotye may’ve led the Aussie Invasion 2.0, but Tame Impala may well become the INXS to his Men At Work.

The Perth psychedelic outfit’s second album Lonerism has spent the past week picking up rave reviews from the international press and more celebrity endorsements than a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Over in the UK, The Guardian has awarded the album a perfect score, while the notoriously jaded NME and Pitchfork have agreed on a score of 9/10 (or 9.0 to use the Pitchfork scale). Hell, even Buzzfeed have jumped bandwagon listing Tame Impala as one of the “10 Awesome Musicians You Might’ve Overlooked”.

While Gotye was aided by celebrity endorsements from Katy Perry, Lily Allen and Ashton Kutcher, and Melbourne’s Twerps caught the eye of Jessica Alba, Tame Impala can now count Mark Ronson, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Edward Droste and Daniel Rossen from Grizzly Bear, Graham Coxon from Blur and Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub among their admirers in the “Twittersphere”. Even The Fratellis’ bassist Barry Fratelli (remember them?) has chimed in to declare that Tame Impala offer “a glimmer of hope in these weird times!!” High praise indeed.

But don’t just take their word for it. Lonerism – our feature album this week – was described by FL reviewer Doug Wallen as “”well-executed escapism””:—Lonerism, receiving an 8/10 (or 8.0 on the Pitchfork scale). It’s out now through Modular/Universal.

Speaking to FL recently, frontman Kevin Parker spoke of his unique approach to production and recording. “I really wouldn’t know where the artist role ends and the producer role begins. For me, it’s kind of just making a song. I wouldn’t really know what a producer does with Tame Impala, because it all just happens in one big blob of expression. To let someone else produce it would just be weird. For me, it’s all just one big job.”

Tame Impala are touring in December. Dates here.

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