Anti-Flag – For Blood and Empire

On the first listen through of Anti-Flag’s new release I scratched my head and pondered, ‘was this album written solely for live audiences of anti-establishment citizens?’ I think so, but no matter whether you are pro or anti AF’s sensibilities, there is no denying that this album is well worth multiple listens. Fist pumping anthems with chanting lyrics, AF’s fighting rhythms have the right amount of grunt and as long as it sends the anti-Bush message to the world these guys are happy.

Known for their Bush-bashing and anti-war sympathies, they don’t waste any time in launching their attack on track two, The Press Corpse, the first single and by all accounts very popular with MySpacers with over 6,700 plays daily from their page. Catchy, and with enough clarity in their lyrics for anyone to understand what they are about, it’s a perfect shout out to anyone that will listen of the lies and alibis they are told on a daily basis.

íƒâ€°migríƒÂ© starts with a scream and a dream. Ranting ‘no you can’t stop this exodus’, they grunt with thrashing guitars of the old-school variety and carry on with a broad spectrum of topics ranging from the refugee crisis to classism – the black plague. There really isn’t a subject they are afraid to touch. And then for less angst, or is it?

One Trillion Dollars feels like a coming home anthem for the Empire Records youth. Instead it’s a more than obvious finger of the middle description to the administration for the money they have spent on arming their country and sending them to war. A happy melody with a melancholy twist of lyrics it will stick in your head long after you have turned the stereo off – only to be erased when you listen to it again.

The album sets high standards with a pearly-white pure production that won’t hurt the ears that so many punk outfits do on a regular basis. In all, a stellar effort from these guys – a purchase will not disappoint.