Angus Stone – Broken Brights

Not too many CD’s get delivered in a little burlap bag with a small cardboard cover with a pastoral scene on it. This new record Angus Stone did and it suits his the perception of his character. The music on his latest record, Broken Brights , gives a nod to music that came from many years before he was born, but this is not a retro record as it fits perfectly within the style of his earlier compositions. What you find here are lyrical nods and clichés that lock you into thinking about a certain artist, be it Dylan or Neil Young, and then you drift away with the sonic creations that Mr. Stone has created.

The album commences with the gentle strumming of a mandolin and a lovely fiddle on the track River Love. The song moves along and steps into a whirling of Irish folk/country before he finishes it off. Apprentice Of The Rocket Man is, as you might imagine, a spacey soundscape that has your ears floating along with the dream like shapings of this melody. And Only A Woman, the longest track on this record, leans towards an Angus/Julia track when it kicks off with the repetition of the title, but then has some added backing vocals that tilt your mind towards one Robert Zimmerman. The gorgeous piano is also a lovely touch to a song that is one of the highlights on this record.

Recorded in a number of different locations, Broken Brights displays an abundance of different charms and is a collection that delivers what you would expect from Angus Stone. The choice of songs is a delight for your ears and will mellow your soul. It will sit well with the growing catalogue of records delivered by this brother and sister duo from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and certainly be one you will hear this winter and into the grinning spring. There is a bit to get your teeth into here so take a bite of these Broken Brights.