Angus and Julia Stone @ Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth (19/09/10)

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It was a chilly night at the Fremantle Art Centre. Latecomers scanned the scene for even the smallest patch of grass to sit on. Most punters came warmly dressed and laid out picnic mats, digging into eco bags filled with nibbles. Others somehow survived the night in no more than shorts and a tank top.

With sold out shows all over the country, folk sweethearts Angus and Julia Stone treated Perth to a second sold out show. Opening the set with Santa Monica Dream, the brother-sister duo showcased some lovely controlled harmonies.

Strings were added to a long instrumental interlude as Angus took over with Bella. He softly whispered the words and gently plucked away at an acoustic guitar as Julia danced around in a dream like state, twirling around in her red dress.

Punters got a kick from a slow tempo acoustic cover of You’re the one that I Want from Grease. Julia’s vocals smoothly make the transition from soft and meek to a soulful wailing – commanding a sea of hundreds of faces. The more charismatic of the two, Julia laughs in that cute schoolgirl way as she makes comments and laughs at her own jokes.

Angus explained how their latest single Big Jet Plane is about girl he met at a festival by the creek. Punters let out their loudest cheer for the familiar track, but it wasn’t all rainbows and daisies; Julia stopped before going into the next song to break up a fight going on in the ‘moshpit’.

“I wish I could come right down and give you a hug,” she said, getting the two guys to hug it out. “We love you Julia!” They replied.

Just a Boy from the debut A Book Like This album had Julia dancing around the stage, twirling and skipping. Angus forgot some of the words to the chorus but recovered gracefully with Julia’s prompt.

Wedding Song was played on request; Julia said it’s one of the few happy songs she has written. Yellow Brick Road put a rock n roll spin to the set with Julia switching to an electric guitar. Their “last song” And The Boys was pretty anticlimactic, with punters expecting the brother-sister duo to come out and do an encore. They came back on stage shortly with three more songs to perform – among them Black Crow, Wasted and Babylon.

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