Angela’s Dish – Lie Die

There has to be something in the water along the NSW Central Coast. The region never fails to deliver nicely produced releases from band after band, time after time. Is there some kind of rotation system to decide who gets to support the next big name through town? It must get mighty difficult come decision time, considering to the sheer amount of bands that sound the same from the same region.

Fortunately, soundwise, Angela’s Dish lean more in the direction of rock than any typical ‘scene’ sound, and the EP is definitely better off for it. Remember You is a nice slice of indie-pop, while a lot of it sounds like Melbournians Kisschasy, but a little more effortless, primarily on tracks like Lights Out and Save Me. Strangely, opener On A Sign is a grower, despite moments that almost emulate Spiderbait’s Kram are evident in small outbursts of vocals.

Televise and a hidden track tracked on at the end are two highlights that defy the bands own formula, with Televise having some real balls out moments in the vein of early Grinspoon with a chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on a Sommerset album. The hidden track is a quieter acoustic number and while it sits at the other end of the spectrum to Televise, it provides a nice closing moment that displays a little more of the bands capabilities.

Angela’s Dish seem to be influenced by their peers and touring partners, and don’t seem to want to fit into a particular scene, which is refreshing. Lie Die is a very genuine sounding release that should give the band a great chance to further their career past support slots and a regional fan base.