Andrew WK’s Top Ten BDO Tips

The 2011 Big Day Out line-up may include some totally ‘Zef’ South Africans and the Godfather of Punk, but it is the piano slaying, monkey dancing Andrew WK who is guaranteed to get the party started backstage this year.

WK is to partying what Mr Miyagi was to the Karate Kid. He taught us that party animals wear white, play keyboard and that “When it’s time to party we [should] always party hard.” With such rock solid partying credentials we decided to pick the man’s brain to get his Top Ten Tips for making friends and partying hard on tour with the Big Day Out.


Expand your bladder, the part of your body that holds urine. The thing that holds pee, try to enlarge it in advance. Then you can spend as much time as possible doing anything other than waiting in line to use the bathroom, or trying to find the bathroom, or even going to the bathroom. You just don’t want to have much to do with the bathroom when you’re at a concert.

Some people, myself included, like to PARTY while in the toilet. I have a fetish for them. The smell, the heat, the whole atmosphere. But, assuming that most folks don’t, I recommend expanding the bladder, so you may hold more fluid throughout the day and stay hydrated.

As an added bonus, when you finally go to the bathroom it’ll be a large amount of urine. For fun, you can make a bet with others who wouldn’t believe you could hold that much urine, and win it! It’s a win, win, win, win situation.


Bone up on Australian culture, history, war and the Australian way of life. For example, a lot of my friends and I were shocked when we found out that Fosters beer isn’t actually that popular in Australia. We also discovered that Outback Steakhouse (an American restaurant chain) isn’t actually an authentic of the true Australian outback.


Listen to the Skyhooks, Cold Chisel, Coloured Balls, and of course AC/DC. That’s a good mix to start with. Some of the most amazing Australian artists haven’t made as much of an impact in as other international artists, but they are just as good and important. In Australia these artists are huge. The Skyhooks especially.

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