Andrew WK, Aleister X, Scraps @ The Zoo, Brisbane (09/05/12)

Party. Use the word in any pun, phrase or cliche and especially, use it as an introduction to tonight’s Andrew WK show at The Zoo. If the word hasn’t been said at least once by everyone within a fifteen km radius of the venue tonight, well, you simply haven’t partied.

Getting affairs started is Laura Hill – better known as local songstress Scraps. Her hair is covered by a glitter confetti wig and she is clearly ready to party behead her synth stack. Based on her back-catalogue the billing tonight is a little unusual, but as usual she performs well. Her songs set a nice relaxed atmosphere and provided a slightly more happy vibe as opposed to the heavy party storm ahead.

Well, it is clear from the moment that Aleister X walks onto the stage that this is a very different kind of show. Looking like a cross between Insane Clown Posse and the evil overlord from Star Wars, this British ‘rapper’ pulls it all out from rapping about bitches tithes and drugs, complaining about only having 500 facbook likes, hot off the press new dope tracks, crowd interaction and even busts out a bit of live air guitar over his unstoppable cd of backing tracks. The show was kind of like watching a bit of weird art or a kid in primary school trying to act gangster to fit in with the cool kids. However, strangely it was hard to look away and in the end completely awesome.

Okay. Now is the time to party. I mean it it is really time to freaking party! As the extended wait for tonight’s main man to take the stage takes its toll and when the pre-recorded party message designed to amp up the crowd plays through the PA it is truly, truly, truly time to party as Andrew WK takes to the stage and gets immediately down into what he knows best… Partying!

Opening with It’s Time to Party, every time the white clad man mentions the word party it is like aural ambrosia to the audience with the word even being the only real audible word in any of the songs. Andrew jumps in between partying up the front to shoving his microphone down his pants while he parties out on his piano.

With the man celebrating his birthday tonight, an occasional Happy Birthday goes up as Andrew looks humbled. Aleistar X joins WK for a few tracks but is generally ignored as the crowd party on. Things do get slightly intense as the odd bottle and drunken partier attempt crowd surfing, perhaps partying slightly bit too hard (…). We Want Fun is a notable highlight as well; with a number of people substituting the words for simply, party. I Love New York City is perhaps a tad cliché, with Andrew substituting New York City for Brisbane as he gets the crowd to sing, constantly reminding the crowd that the night is not a concert, it is a party.

The set eventually builds to the infamous Party Hard where the party spiralled out of control with partying left right and centre naturally led by the energetic WK. The set ends with Andrew getting a lucky party fan up on stage to sing along to Get Wet before Andrew leaves the stage.

There is unfortunately no encore tonight as people convene to the front of the stage clearly wanting to still party with the “party, party, party” chant going up with ferocious volume. The crowd even remains for upwards of half an hour with all the sound equipment being packed away long after the conclusion of the show, still wondering if the early finish was some elaborate rouse before more partying. Still, even though the set finished well before punters were ready to finish it was a great party none the less.