All Tomorrow’s Parties timetables

The timetables for All Tomorrow’s Parties have been announced.

The opening day of the festival features a two-hour set from Godspeed You Black Emperor, who will warm the stage for My Bloody Valentine’s first Australian show since 1992. MBV will be playing one of their first dates since the release of their new album m b v, which is their long-awaited follow-up to 1991’s Loveless. The first day of the festival, curated by ATP, also features performances by Swans, Thee Oh Sees, Sleepy Sun, HTRK and New War.

Day two features a set from festival co-curators The Drones plus an appearance from Pere Ubu who will be playing their The Modern Dance album in full to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Other acts on day two include Einsturzende Neubauten (playing their first Australian date since 1991), Crime and the City Solution (on their first Australian visit in over 20 years) and the reunion of the original lineup of the Beasts of Bourbon featuring James Baker, Spencer P. Jones, Tex Perkins, Kim Salmon, and Boris Sujdovic.

The festival organisers have stressed that Stage 2 and the Cinema cannot hold the full festival capacity and have advised punters to arrive early if you want to guarantee seeing something in either of those locations.

The schedule also includes the ATP cinema programme which boasts screenings of Night Of The Hunter, Down By Law, The King Of Comedy, and There Will Be Blood.

All Tomorrow’s Parties is happening on Saturday, February 16 and Sunday, February 17 at Westgate Entertainment Centre and Grand Star Reception, Altona.

Saturday passes and weekend tickets are sold-out; some Sunday passes are still on sale.

Saturday 16th curated by ATP

Stage 1:

1.45pm-2.30pm – Sleepy Sun

3.00pm-4.00pm – Thee Oh Sees

4.30pm-6.30pm – Swans

7.15pm-9.15pm – Godspeed You! Black Emperor

10.00pm-11.20pm – my bloody valentine

Stage 2:

1.00pm-1.45pm – Strangers From Now On

2.45pm-3.30pm – Civil Civic

4.00pm-4.45pm – Standish/Carlyon

5.15pm-6.00pm – Ben Frost

6.30pm-7.15pm – New War

7.45pm-8.30pm – HTRK

9.00pm-10.00pm – The Dead C

11.30pm-12.30am – Oren Ambarchi


1.15pm-3.31pm – Come And See

4.00pm-6.32pm – Secret Film

7.00pm-8.30pm – The Italian

9.00pm-10.33pm – Night Of The Hunter

10.30pm-1.00am – Karaoke presented by Rage


7.15pm – Mixtape Swap

Sunday 17th curated by The Drones

Stage 1:

2.45pm-3.15pm – My Disco

3.45pm-4.45pm – Crime And The City Solution

5.15pm-6.30pm – The Drones

7.00pm-8.15pm – Pere Ubu perform The Modern Dance

8.45pm-9.45pm – Beasts Of Bourbon

10.15pm-11.30pm – Einsturzende Neubauten

Stage 2:

1.30pm-2.15pm – Cam Butler & The Shadows Of Love

3.15pm-4.00pm – Dan Kelly Dream Band

4.45pm-5.30pm – The Stickmen

6.15pm-7.00pm – Harmony

8.00pm-8.45pm – Lost Animal

9.45pm-10.45pm – Don Walker


1.15pm-2.38pm – Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

3.00pm-4.00pm – The Search For Animal Chin

4.30pm-6.17pm – Down By Law

6.30pm-8.19pm – The King Of Comedy

8.30pm-11.18pm – There Will Be Blood

11.20pm-1.00am – Karaoke presented by Rage