All Tomorrow’s Parties could return to Australia

The organisers of All Tomorrow’s Parties have said they are “thinking about how it’s going to return” to Australia, reports Mess+Noise.

In an interview with Melbourne’s RRR radio on Thursday night, festival organiser Barry Hogan and his Australian wife Deborah Higgins discussed at length the festival’s Australian future, possible curators and how we can help get ATP back Down Under:

Making its Australian debut in 2009, curated by Nick Cave, ATP held events at Cockatoo Island in Sydney and Mt Bulla Ski resort in Victoria’s highlands. While both were considered magical festival experiences by those that did attend, simply not enough people bought tickets to make the event viable, and the following year Hogan announced its postponement: “We have every intention of being back in 2011 but without our issues/logistics being addressed, it could be tough. We’re disappointed of course – the event was magical and the response overwhelming – but we don’t want to rush to meet a deadline and end up delivering a half-baked event,” the statement concluded.

Here is a partial transcript of the RRR interview from Thursday night in which Barry and Deborah discuss the future of ATP in Australia:

Is there going to be another ATP in Australia?

Barry: Do you think people will go?

People will definitely go?

Barry: Really? Why didn’t they go last time? Where were they? We lost loads of money and they wouldn’t come. [Laughter] And they’re like, “I wish I went to that.” Well, you didn’t – and that’s why we’re not doing it again. [Laughter]

Everyone had such an awesome time. It developed a reputation, it was the first year … There were a lot of people that were totally devastated that they didn’t go and said, “Hands down if they do another one, we’ll definitely go.”

Barry: No matter who we book? [Laughter]

Deborah: It’s never off the table – we’re always thinking about how it’s going to return … Everyone always says to us and people write in to us, “When are you bringing to back? Please please please bring it back.” That’s lovely and it was a fantastic event. It’s never off the table, but we really need to make sure that we would get the numbers, before we embarked on it again.

Barry: If people want it again, they should write in and say, “We want you to do it again.” We’ll gauge their interest and then we’ll come back.

I want to start a Facebook page about this because honestly people would [write in].

Barry: Do it.

I always thought the challenge was – and I don’t know how much truth to it there is – but because it’s in Australia, it’s so far away, it costs a lot to get bands out here, and you’d have to pick a local act to curate it. And who would be the right local person to do it?

Barry: Definitely, you’d need to include some local programming. Whether it’s necessarily having to have a local act curate – I don’t know if that’s entirely necessary. There are some fantastic Australian bands out there that we’d love to have on the festival.

Such as?

Deborah: Total Control…

Barry: INXS with their current singer. I think it’d be amazing. [Laughter]

[So] it could be a thing where an international and local act curated, or something like that?

Deborah: It’s never been off the table, and there’s lots of different ways we thought we’d do it if we come back.

Barry: As long as there’s some Australian music in there, of course, I don’t think you have to have an Australian curator. As long as the curator is good and it fits the ethos of ATP and people are into it.

Deborah: But this is all speculative. [Laughs]

Barry: Tell all your friends they need to come.

So what was that email?

Deborah: [Laughs] [email protected]

For more of the interview transcript check out Mess + Noise.