Alexisonfire reunion tour

After a less than amicable break up in 2011, Alexisonfire are reuniting to give their fans a proper goodbye.

When the band split last year vocalist George Pettit posted a statement on the band’s official site to announce that “There is no good way to put it so I’m just going to say it. After 10 years, Alexisonfire has decided to part ways. Was the break up amicable? Not really. Was it necessary? Probably.”

Back in May when vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Dallas Green was in tour in Australia with City and Colour he told triple j that we was talking to his former Alexisonfire bandmates about a send off tour and revealed that he’d told them that they “definitely gotta come to Australia to play some final shows”.

Now Green has told Spinner “We’ve actually been starting to talk about doing some final Alexis shows, because when we did play our last show nobody knew it was our last show… Well, we knew it was our last show with me. But the guys sort of thought they were going to keep going and try something else, and then Wade [MacNeil] got asked to join Gallows and that was sort of the end of Alexisonfire. So we talked a long time ago about maybe doing just a couple shows to celebrate what Alexis was as opposed to have it fizzle out like it did.”

Despite the demand for the send off shows, Green says that he doesn’t think the tour will be arena sized. “It’ll probably be a bunch of shows, probably be a bunch of nights at a smaller place,” he explained. “It’ll be more of a happy-go-lucky vibe than ‘Hey, look at how big we were.’ You know what I mean? It would be more about celebrating what we had and what we did and what we accomplished.”

MacNeil has confirmed the reunion news on Twitter by announcing “Seems like the cats out of the bag.Alexisonfire will do one final tour” but no dates have been announced yet.

Although the band last toured Australia with the Soundwave festival don’t expect the reunion tour to be part of the festival next year. Soundwave boss AJ Maddah has publicly said that MacNeil’s Gallows are a “maybe” for Soundwave 2013, but when recently asked about the possibility of an Alexisonfire send off tour hitting Australia Maddah declared that “AOF are no longer. At least not til Dallas has bled dry every $ he can get out of C&C” and that “I will no longer work with them. So don’t really care.”