Alabama Shakes – Boys And Girls

Alabama Shakes have moved on from that self titled four song EP that really got a lot of people talking about the vocals of former postal worker Brittany Howard. She has a voice that has Southern written all over it and a tone that makes you think back to Muscle Shoals.

Hold On and I Found You showcased that vocal talent and a certain honey coated soul that made you rave about the band and want for more. With an energy and a seemingly brilliant talent on board the expectations of critics and fans alike were high for this release. Boys and girls, I give you Boys and Girls by Alabama Shakes, and it is more of the same that we got within those first four tracks. The question is: Is that a good thing?

You only get one crack at your debut record and this is not a failure and it is an agreeable record to listen to but it is not one that jumps out at you like the first songs we heard. The title track Boys And Girls is a lovely ballad and scoots between jazz and soft pop rock.

This record does show a great deal of promise but it needs a good kick up it’s arse. On Your Way, also from that first EP, closes the CD with some up tempo racket and some rock and roll. Perhaps moving away from a self-produced /self-mixed affair might have given them some more ideas and a little more guts? Let’s hope they can carry some of that on-stage charisma into the recording studio next time around.