Against Me! singer’s first interview as Laura Jane: “Every step I take I just feel that much better”

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace (formerly Tom Gabel) has given a series of revealing interviews with MTV America, discussing her new life as a woman.

In her first TV interview since coming out as Transgender last month Laura speaks openly about her transition, expressing amazement at people’s overwhelmingly positive reaction to the news: “I’ve been completely blown away from the majority of people’s reactions. Even the most common denominator fan, who probably has no experience with someone else who is trans or anything like that…have been more than respectful and supportive and it’s been for me, completely humbling.”

Laura discusses her journey so far, from the first moment she realised she no longer wanted to be ‘Tom’: “One of my earliest memories is watching TV, a live performance of Madonna and seeing her playing and being mesmerised and thinking that’s me, on two levels, both the musician level and as a female, just completely identifying with her”; to her desire to eventually undertake gender reassignment surgery and the impact the news had on her family, “It has completely ended my relationship with my Father.”

Laura’s Against Me! bandmates are also interviewed and shed some light on how they see the future of the band with a female lead singer.

Watch the interview with Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace: