Adam Hills Vs Nui Te Koha

Nui Te Koha’s tour rumours are always good fun (Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit for BDO 2010 , Bruce Springsteen for this year’s AFL Grand Final ) but one of Nui’s reports in the weekend’s Herald Sun led to the usually mild mannered comedian Adam Hills launching into what he refers to as an ‘adamrant’ on Twitter. It’s sure to go down as one of the great Twitter war alongside other classics including Courtney Love Vs Billy Corgan ; Perry Farrell Vs the Lollapalooza leaker and Foals Vs LostProphets.

According to Hills’ the offending quote “was something like “Rihanna duetting with Chris Brown. Probably cos he’s good at making hits, er smashes, er…” provoking the former Spicks and Specks host to launch a series of tweets.

“Hey Nui Te Koha. A Herald Sun reference to Chris Brown/Rihanna duet leads to a joke about domestic violence. Classy, dipshit. Real classy. Meanwhile he bags someone else for being unfunny. For fucks sake, a domestic violence joke? Seriously, he calls himself a pop culture barometer. More like a pop culture catheter. Why? Cos he’s a massive pain in the dick.”

The Hearld Sun /Triple M rumour monger defended his attempt at humour by claiming that Rihanna “is trivializing what happened. She has cheapened the struggle” and that it is hard to “express [that] in a glib column. Rihanna should never work with Brown again. He hit and smashed her. That was my comment. Anti-Breezy. Always.”

With the feud now safely resolved Nui can get back to doing what he does best – we’ll be keeping an eye out for his Arcade Fire tour announcement.