A look back on Silverchair’s 5 most gloriously awkward moments

When Silverchair split they left fans with five albums and a treasure trove of spectacularly awkward interview clips and terrible on stage banter. The band may never reunite but at least we’ll always have these videos of Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou acting like monumentally bored teenagers on ridiculous talk shows to keep us entertained. 

Alternative Nation (1995)

Want to see a bunch of kids from Newcastle introducing clips from Joan Osbourne and Folk Implosion with all the enthusiasm of a stoned graveyard shift DJ on community radio? That’s kind of a strange request fat boy, but this clip from December 1995 when Silverchair guest hosted MTV’s Alternative Nation has you sorted.

Total Request Live (1999)

Judging from the this clip being forced to speak to Carson Daly on live TV is about as much fun as being trapped in a lift with your high-school geography teacher. Pretty much everyone in this clip sounds like they’re about to slip into a coma except for the very excited fan from Long Island who thinks that ‘Ana’s Song’ sends out a “really great message to the teens of America!”

Recovery (1997)

Promoting their Freak Show album, Silverchair appeared on Recovery in 1997 during the Easter school holidays as the house band on the show the day before heading down to Torquay to play on the lineup of the Offshore festival alongside Tool, Blink 182 and The Mark of Cain. Johns spends the interview taking the piss telling stories about jamming with their maths teacher, writing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ with Mr Page and doing “cool stuff with our mates”. He also cites “hardcore fusion jazz” as a key-influence and even predicts that Silverchair would “probably not” still be together in 10 years’ time, which makes him a better psychic than Ben Gilles wife.


Rage (1996)

Backstage at Livid festival (RIP) in 1996 Wally Meanie gets down to business asking the tough questions – “Are you enjoying the day?” “Have you got anything interesting to tell me?” “I’ve heard you’ve been mooning a bit lately”. But the biggest question posed by this interview is whether or not Wally is wearing pants.

MC Danny Jay (1999)

According to an interview on Rove back before Daniel Johns could play an instrument he used to bust out mad rhymes like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. There’s some pretty startling evidence of Johns’ freestyle abilities in this bizzarre clip recorded at a New York show in 1999 where he raps about sex, sex, sex and vomiting on Blink-182’s manager after telling fans that the next Silverchair record would be “poetic stories written on the road about being on the road with a simple breakbeat behind them”.