A Communique From Inside Spod’s Bunker

Spod sends out an exclusive missive from his underground bunker where he’s holed up writing songs for his new album and preparing for a mercy mission to both Sydney and Melbourne venues later this month.

Spod says, “Remaining bunkered deep within 2049, Spod are slowly amassing an arsenal of up near a billion songz so far to choose from for the new album, but feel the need to get out and about to drizop some live power in the luvlee munf of March with hopefully a few newiez for ya’ll southern lordz for our first headline, nay, show in Melbourne in this new fold of the decade!  And we’re coming down as a 4 piece band thingy with Sir Dannyvan Halen & The Scorpionz, so prepare for the unpreparable, you glorious f**x!!!

18th March – Melbourne – City – Ding Dong Lounge, with Your Wedding Night
25th March – Sydney – Annandale Hotel – supporting The Cops

oh, and we’re supporting the presets in a short set on the 17th of March @ 161

Come down and hug!”