8 new songs you need to hear: Father John Misty, Deerhunter, !!!, Janet Jackson, WOKE, Sam Smith

Laura Stevenson – ‘Jellyfish’

New York singer-songwriter Laura Stevenson used to be a member of something called Bomb The Music Industry! but now she sings and songwrites under her own steam and writes ’90s alt-rock jams that sound a bit like prime Veruca Salt. ‘Jellyfish’ is the latest perfect example of that. She even calls herself a loser, which is basically the most ’90s thing you can do.

!!! – ‘Bam City’

I haven’t had to explain how to say !!!’s name (“chk chk chk”) for months so it must be time for something new from them. Their sixth album As If is due out this month and ‘Bam City’ is the latest of several pre-release singles, catching the dance-punk act in a snarky mood.

Father John Misty – ‘The Memo’

Professional beautiful cynic Father John Misty continues to woo everyone over to his worldview with songs like ‘The Memo’, a storm of piano and guitar and lyrics so clever they sting. No word on whether this song, released out of the blue on Facebook, is part of his next album or what since the last time he poked his head up it was to jokingly announce an album of covers of Ryan Adams’ covers of Taylor Swift.

WOKE ft. George Clinton – ‘The Lavishments Of Light Looking’

WOKE is made up of Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces, and Thundercat, which is a pretty rad combination, but what upgrades it to a full wombo combo is the addition of funk master George Clinton.

Janet Jackson ft. Missy Elliott – ‘BURNITUP!’

Janet Jackson is sounding more like her brother than ever, maybe as part of getting older. Also getting older but still sounding boss is Missy Elliott, who can brighten up any dance pop number with a guest spot.

Kylie Minogue + Garibay ft. Giorgio Moroder –  ‘Your Body’

The best recent spoken word release is not that song by the Pope, but the new Kylie Minogue single with its guest spot by Giorgio. He’s not doing a full Daft Punk over this one though, just talking over the intro in Italian. Actually what’s good about ‘Your Body’ is hearing Kylie go full futurepop like she hasn’t in a while.

Deerhunter – ‘Breaker’

Did somebody sound the New Deerhunter Song alarm? It’s hard to tell because the alarm sounds so chill, like Deerhunter. Their new song ‘Breaker’ is a perfect example of that, especially for a song about your enemies trying to kill you. It is nice and jangly but a smooth jangle, all rounded pop edges. It is possible I am talking amazing nonsense.

Sam Smith – ‘Writing’s On The Wall’

Sam Smith’s Bond theme for Spectre certainly sounds like a Bond theme: big, bombastic, kind of daft. There’s an orchestra there and the lyrics don’t amount to much but it’s going over the credits of a James Bond movie and nothing else really matters.