67 Special – Boys & Girls

Yeah! 67 Special have really delivered on the Boys & Girls EP. Big dirty rock sound coupled with charismatic cool – this is what I like to hear!

Boys & Girls is first up – the raw rock sound works well with the swaggering drum beat, and makes for a very exciting, energetic song. This track was released as a single in February, and a great choice too, for it really is indicative of the talents of this band.

Pretty Mess features groovy keyboards and would be categorised as pop-rock were it not for the snarling vocals of Ash Santilla. As well as Boys & Girls, this song will be featured on a forthcoming album.

Good Enough is yet another rollicking rock song, with plenty of panache.

Up next is Zipper, which, like Pretty Mess, employs a keyboard groove before Santilla begins singing, whereupon the track is once more transformed into something much more rough-and-tumble.

Wrapping up the disc is Leave You, the slowest song on the release, is also one of the best. Santilla amazes with his vocal ability as his voice ebbs and flows throughout the song. Talk about sounding down-and-out (but in the best possible way of course)! This song is a beauty. Much like the whole disc, really.