4ZZZ want Flaming Lips for Zaireeka

The announcement of Flaming Lips for Harvest festival has got everyone excited, but none moreso than local Bris radio station 4ZZZ. The station have started a petition to get the band to join the Grave Architecture show (late Saturday/early Sunday). And they’re not stopping there.

4ZZZ want to be the first radio station in the world to play the Lips’ 1997 record Zaireeka, in its entirety. This may not sound like much, until you realise that the album was recorded and released on 4 seperate cds, designed to be played simultaneously. The sound from the four recordings interplay with one another, creating juxtaposed sounds.

The station are hoping the band will join them to discuss the infamous album, and hope to get Brisbane’s music crowd behind them. To get the Lips to the show, you can sign the petition or Like the Facebook page (or both).

The Flaming Lips play the Harvest Festival in Brisbane, Botanical Gardens, Saturday 19 November.

Check out FL’s interview with Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, or listen to a preview of their planned six hour song.