49 New Year’s resolutions for all music lovers in 2017

We’re nearly a week into the new year, and if you’re anything like us you’ve probably already failed at most of the resolutions that you’ve made. Because who really wants to start going to the gym when it’s too damn hot to actually move?

So with those failures out of the way, we’ve now decided to eschew the usual ‘I’ll go to the gym every morning before work” guff, and instead make some resolutions that we actually might have a chance at keeping. Here are the 49 resolutions that will make your year as a music lover that much better.

FL‘s New Year’s resolutions for 2017

1. Stop waiting for that Tool album (or maybe don’t…)

2. Learn to DJ and corner the market of Taylor Swift/EDM mash-ups

3. Finally go to Glasto/Burning Man/Lollapalooza

4. Finally cancel the Tidal subscription you got after downloading The Life Of Pablo

5. Get out there and #KeepSydneyOpen

6. Listen to an iconic album every week

7. Listen to that album that you have been stubbornly ignoring because you think the artist is a jerk

8. Go see the freaking support acts

9. Fully embrace pop music because it’s actually good and it’s just society telling you it’s not

10. Stop pretending that you like post rock. Seriously.

11. Remember, just because you don’t sing in tune doesn’t make you an alt-rock singer

12. Ignore hype

13. But also, don’t ignore hype all the time

14. When someone proclaims that “music is dead”, poke them hard in the nose

15. Buy decent fucking headphones

16. Listen to more community radio

17. Listen to more Bjork

18. Just listen to some goddamn jazz

19. Remember that hating on things doesn’t make you cool

20. Buy more vinyl

21. Make a mixtape for your significant other

22. Sit the hell down and listen to an album from start to finish, no interruptions

23. Remember that it rains at every fucking music festival so pack a goddamn poncho

24. Put on deodorant before going to shows

25. Buy more Australian music

26. Stop debating whether rock is dead/alive, and just listen to more/less of it

27. Listen to music by more people that don’t look like you

28. Learn an instrument that isn’t pre-loaded onto your iPad

29. Go and see a gig alone

30. Stop trying to scab your way onto guest lists and support the scene

31. Go to an international festival that isn’t Coachella

32. Care less about Instagram engagement and more about IRL engagement

33. Stop pretending you don’t like EDM

34. Start an anti-Donald Trump band called Helena Handbasket

35. Stop doing the mannequin challenge

36. But don’t stop listening to ‘Black Beatles’ because it’s a shit hot track

37. Re-embrace CDs because they sound great and are cheap as chips

38. Stop trolling music writers and musicians on Twitter

39. Speak out about festivals/venues/bands that don’t support diversity

40. Stop living in the past and embrace today’s heroes

41. Organise that draw full of lanyards and ticket stubs

42. Start a bloody band with your friends already

43. Shoeys are gross and unhygienic – stop encouraging them

44. Be courteous and kind with people at gigs

45. Stop folding your arms and hanging out at the back of shows

46. Try and resist posting on Facebook about how “mainstream” the Hottest 100 has gotten?

47. Also avoid posting about how triple j has “just become the new Nova”

48. Stop wearing native American headdresses to festivals (do we really have to say this every year?)

49. And throw out that box of CDs collecting dust in your garage already

Photo: onebuck