360 Vs Short Stack

An online war of (swear) words and hand gestures has broken out between Aussie rapper 360 and pop punk punching bags Short Stack, both nominated for Channel V Oz Artist of The Year.

As part of the publicly voted award artists are encouraged to use social media as a call to arms to win the prize, and this resulted in 360 posting a YouTube online last night in which he made his feelings about Short Stack fairly clear: “Every time I hear a Short Stack song I want to chop off my cock and throw it into heavy traffic on a freeway…Fuck Short Stack…whenever I hear a Short Stack song I want to slit a baby lambs throat and throw it into a minefield.”

360’s Channel V Oz Artist Of The Year video:

In response to this Short Stack posted their own retort to 360.

*Short Stack’s Channel V Oz Artist Of The Year Video:

Of course this has kept Short Stack’s avid twitter fans very busy over night with 360 receiving brutal tweets and the occasional death threat. One Short Stack fan tweeted: “”I WAS A FRIKKEN FAN, YOUR A MEAN PERSON, I HATE YOU, HOPE YOU GO DIE,…GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CAREER YOU GAY IDIOT, BECAUSE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE A TOUR SHORT STACK FANS WILL KILL YOU AND DIE!””:!/3ree6ixty/status/139255715394105345/photo/1

So will Guy Sebastian will just win by default now?