10 awesome behind-the-scenes photos from Soundwave 2013

FL goes behind the scenes on the Soundwave 2013 tour with US photographer ADAM ELMAKIAS.

Adam Elmakias has been shooting music photographs since 2006, working with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Deftones, NOFX, All Time Low, A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive, and Sum 41. He’s followed the Warped tour around the states a few times, and he’s almost certainly the only photographer on earth with an Ace Ventura tattoo inked by Chris from The Devil Wears Prada.

Earlier this year he made his way to Australia to travel with the Soundwave festival, which brought the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Blink-182 to Australia in February. “Some people say it’s [the Australian] version of Warped Tour, but it’s not. It’s heaps better,” he told FL. Elmakias shot over 10,000 photos on the Soundwave tour – five Soundwave Festivals, two Sidewave shows, eight flights and 13 days – but we asked him to share his favourite 10.

Of Snakes and Men

There was a guy in Perth who just had a few animals that were native to Australia. Austin [Carlile, Of Mice and Men frontman] and stopped by and had a go with his snake. I took about 50 shots of Austin holding the snake. I love these kind of photos, we just happen to be walking by and the lighting was nice, so we did a quick shoot. Can’t really plan this kind of image.

Sleeping on the job

I made the mistake of following Kellin [Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens] into the crowd to get this shot. He said the crowd would part … but in reality they just smooched him in and I got crammed in as well. I was being pulled out of the crowd by two security guards while snapping this photo.

Get ready for the drop

This was a still I took while we were getting ready to do the ‘Harlem shake’ video. Of Mice & Men, All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, and Sleeping With Sirens all in one room. It was so loud.

Metallica’s sea

Took this photo of Metallica from a glassed-in booth way at the top of the stadium. It took us 20 minutes to find but man it was worth it to get this shot. A sea of people.

“Yes! Yes!”

This is the kind of shot I try so hard for. All the crowd shots I take are blind as my camera is five feet above my head on my monopod. It’s hard to get but when I get one I get very excited and start shouting “Yes! Yes!” from behind the drum riser.

Shooting blind

Again, another shot that was blind. I am pretty much shooting down on Matty [Mullins, frontman of Memphis May Fire] in this, and he is about eight feet in the air. I was surprised the focus came out but 100 percent OK with it.

Of Kangaroos and Men

We went to the zoo and took some photos with the kangaroos. It was the Of Mice and Men guys first time hanging with kangaroos so it took them a good five or 10 minutes to get themselves this close to the animals.

“I always see you on the cover of Kerrang!

Bring Me The Horizon wanted a photo with Chris Jericho and were nervous about doing it. His dressing room was only a few away from theirs and they eventually worked up the courage to go ask him for a photo. I remember him saying to Oli, “I always see you on the cover of Kerrang!, its nice to finally meet you.”

All time high

All Time Low do a guitar throw at the end of their set. I have always wanted to catch it like this, but indoor venues don’t usually have enough light. That is why I love shooting outdoor festivals during the day – there is always enough light for stop motion.

Fly guys

Of Mice and Men and Sleeping With Sirens on our flight together. I always travel alone so being with a few handfuls of friends was very entertaining.

Check out more amazing photos from Soundwave on Adam Elmakias’ blog and follow him on Twitter at @elmakias.

Adam Elmakias on in the beach in Perth